NOAA Dock Project in Ketchikan

Photo (above left to right) NOAA Planning Team in Ketchikan Senator Bert Steadman, Senator Dan Sullivan, Mayor Rodney Dial and a NOAA Official pause for a photo op.

Several years ago Rodney Dial developed a plan to advance Borough issues to the White House. This bypassed the individual Federal agencies and elevated our local problems all the way to the top. By making Ketchikan Gateway Borough’s problems the United States President’s problems, Mayor Rodney Dial was able to solve some of Ketchikan’s long standing needs.

One example of Rodney Dial’s planning efforts is the successful National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) dock project. Currently $20 million is being spent expanding the dock for the NOAA Ship Fairweather that will be homeported in Ketchikan. In addition to the millions of dollars being spent in the Ketchikan community on construction; when this vessel is brought to Ketchikan it’s support will add significantly to Ketchikan’s economy on a permanent basis. This diversification of the economy will help support the Ketchikan community in good times and bad.