Information Concerning My Opponent:

VIDEO: Mayor Rodney Dial explains why: (WATCH NOW)

LEGAL STATEMENT: CSG, Inc. Attorneys at Law issue opinion regarding holding of multiple public positions: (READ NOW)

SUMMARY: If elected Mayor, that individual [Katie Jo Parrott] would be required to declare any potential for conflict between these two positions [Ketchikan Borough Assembly and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District] and if the Mayor has either a substantial conflicting fiduciary obligation or a substantial financial interest in the matter, the Mayor would be precluded from participating. If, for example, the Mayor had a substantial conflict of interest with respect to approval of the school board budget or an appropriation to the school district, then the Mayor would be precluded from taking any official action on that matter and thus would preclude both the Mayor’s participation in the Assembly discussion and that individual’s subsequent use of the mayoral veto power. Because the veto right may only be exercised by the Mayor that right would be effectively lost in these circumstances. When this right cannot be exercised, Borough residents lose the right, through their elected Mayor, to provide a final check and balance on both the school district’s total budget and the amount of local fund appropriated to the school district.

Disclaimer by Rodney Dial:

These are my own thoughts/opinions and I am not representing anyone else, including the Borough or Assembly. I respect Katie and believe she is a good person. The conflict I talk about is due to conflicting positions in government, not due to anything of a personal nature. In the video I mentioned my belief that she has implied no conflict of interest.   I looked into this further and her statements could be viewed a few different ways. For clarity and accuracy both her quotes are below for you to decide:

"There are going to be some action items that potentially we’ll have to figure out whether or not there is a conflict of interest," Katie Parrott. 

"In terms of serving in terms of campaigning and then serving in that role, there’s nothing legally that would block me from pursuing that and not operating with in the interest of my employer or the community at large," Katie Parrott.